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Women's Self Defense Seminar

Apr 08, 2018

JOIN US for the Women's Self Defense Seminar on Friday May 18th from 6pm-9:30pm!

*WELCOME TO INVICTUS DEFENSE ACADEMY, LADIES! *As our society gets more and more dangerous and law enforcement have less and less resources, you have to be your own first responder. Just like Smokey the Bear says, "Only you can prevent forest fires" the same is true for your personal safety and protection! *ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT BECOMING A VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME! *This is your opportunity to hone your skills, build your confidence and empower your inner warrior! Learn the skills, tactics and techniques necessary to protect you and your loved ones from any type of attack.

In this seminar we will be covering:

  • Improved striking and kicking abilities
  • Common attacks against women
  • Defense against kidnapping attempts
  • Situational Awareness
  • Scenario Drills
  • Tactical Considerations (clothing, positioning, body language, voice control)
  • Strength and Conditioning Programming to Improve Self Defense

This course will be taught by Krav Maga and Survival Skills Expert, Chris Green with the help of Angel Montano, a fighter and coach at Invictus Defense Academy. Chris is a former police officer of 13 years and Krav Maga Expert Instructor. He brings his real world knowledge to the training floor and will give you the keys to survival based off over a dozen years of investigating violent crime and crimes against women.

Joining Chris and Angel of Chris' former co-workers who are law enforcement trainers and self defense experts. These current police officers will be joining us and will be facilitating scenario based evolutions at the end of the night! You're getting 3 cops and a strong female fighter who want to improve your survivability and skills and want to show you what you are truly capable of!

Participants of the seminar will receive a FREE Invictus T-Shirt and discount on membership and NO REGISTRATION FEES if you enroll as a member of Invictus on the day of the event.

Take charge of your own safety and security! Be your own first responder! Become TRULY Unconquerable!

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