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Unconquerable Programming: Simple, Personal, Accountable... Savage!

Oct 18, 2018

Lose weight, Gain Muscle, Chisel the Body, Gain Unconquerable Strength, Improve Mobility, Learn Invaluable Skills with our NEW Invictus Fitness Programming and Accountability Coaching!

Crossfit, Beachbody, Yoga, and many others have done great things for the fitness community. But they lack key components that bring lasting results. Personalized programming and accountability coaching!

We are now offering a personalized programming and accountability coaching to you at Invictus! We want to assure that you not only reach your goals, but you maintain them! We want you make the lifestyle changes that bring lasting results and not just a fleeting, short term victory!

Personalized Programming and Accountability Coaching works like this:

  • As a member of Invictus, you ask Chris to set you up with an personal program and accountability coach.

  • We will discuss nutrition planning, meal preparation, weight loss, lean muscle mass gain, strength gains or self defense skills improvement!


  • We will come up with a reasonable training program that meets your busy life schedule that will also yield you positive results

  • Your accountability coach will text and email you throughout the week to assure you are keeping with your personal program and your nutrition guide. If you aren’t meeting your goals, we can re-evaluate and re-structor your program as necessary.

This system is used in gyms and other group settings in all areas of life. As the saying goes, “As iron sharpens iron, so shall one person sharpen another.” That is the ultimate goal! To get you sharp and KEEP you sharp!

When you meet with Chris, things to think about-

  1. What are your goals?
  •  Fitness Goals
  • Self Defense Goals
  1. What can your commitment be?
  • a. To attending classes
  • b. To attending weekly personal training sessions
  • c. To returning texts and emails from your accountability coach
  • d. To sticking to a set nutrition plan (with a cheat day in there)
  • e. To keeping a log of your progress, challenges, goals, and discoveries
  1. What will be your reward for meeting your goals?

4.. What do you want to achieve from meeting your goals?

  •  a. Treat yourself to a nice dinner with someone special? 
  •  b. Go on an exotic vacation? 
  •  c. Let the world see your progress and rejoice with you? 

To add accountability coaching to your membership, contact Chris at and set up a time to discuss your fitness goals!

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