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Tactical Skills Concealed Carry Seminar

Sep 11, 2017

Learn to be a better concealed handgun carrier and how to tactically engage threats while carrying.

Join us for the second Invictus Series Tactical Skills Concealed Carry Seminar, where you will improve your skills as an armed sheepdog in today's society!

If you are a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holder or you plan on getting a CHL, THIS SEMINAR IS FOR YOU!

Even if you don't currenly have a concealed carry permit, or even if you don't plan on having a CHL, this is a fabulous opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of being a concealed handgun carrier and the skills required to engage an active threat.

In this day and a half seminar, Krav Maga Expert and former Law Enforcement officer and trainer, Chris Green, with his close friend and current member of a local SWAT unit, will teach you the tricks of their trade and teach you EXACTLY what you need to know before carrying a weapon concealed.

*Topics include: *

  • Carry positions- advantages and disadvantages
  • Draw and get on target- Law Enforcement method
  • Clear Firearm Malfunctions to stay in the fight
  • Tactical movement and considerations
  • Engaging an active threat- Considerations, Tactics, Liabilities and more
  • Fighting with the firearm- Krav Maga Integration
  • Weapon retention- In and out of the Holster
  • Stress Inoculation Drills

Carrying a weapon concealed is a huge responsibility that shoud not be taken lightly. Understanding what it takes and knowing the precision skills needed to take on the role of an armed sheepdog is the responsibility of every CHL holder. Here you will get to learn from the experts of weapon handling and combat engagement.

Again- NON- CHL holders are welcome. We aim to educate everyone on the roles and responsibilities of carrying concealed. Don't miss out on this seminar!

Minimum age- 18 years old

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: * Bring the firearm you intend to carry concealed and the holster or method you plan to carry with (All methods if you plan on having multiple options) . We have a couple blue guns to loan out but not many. * Street Clothes you don't mind fighting in (Yes you'll be getting rough and tumble in this course) * NO LIVE AMMO, KNIVES, BRASS KNUCKLES, ETC. * Water * Towel * Change of shirt if you'd like

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