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Dec 11, 2017

It's a NEW Year coming and we have all NEW membership options, NEW class schedule with added classes, and NEW Invictus Kids Program! This is the year to join Invictus Defense Academy for a NEW experience and a NEW YOU!

2018 is just around the corner! Don't miss the opportunity to actually acomplish your New Year Resolutions!

We've added our new Invictus Kids (ages 7-10) and Invictus Teens (ages 11-15) to our schedule as well as added an 11am class for all you swing shifters, work at home types! Notice there is an adult class at the same time as the kids classes so that you can train the same time as your kids!

*Check out our New Schedule! *

Monday/ Wednesday

5:30am- Kickboxing & Invictus Fit

11:00am- Kickboxing & Invictus Fit

4:30pm- Invictus Kids & Krav Maga Adult

5:30pm- Kickboxing & Invictus Fit

6:30pm- Invictus Teens & Krav Maga (adult)

7:30pm- Combat Tactics

Tuesday/ Thursday

5:30am- Krav Maga & Invictus Fit

11:00am- Krav Maga & Invictus Fit

4:30pm- Invictus Kids & Invictus Fit (Adult)

5:30pm- Combat Tactics & Invictus Fit

6:30pm- Invictus Teens & Krav Maga (adult)

7:30pm- Kickboxing

Friday- Closed


8:00am- Kickboxing & Invictus Fit

9:00am- Krav Maga Test Prep

10:00am- 1200pm- Personal Training by appointment

Sunday- Closed

New Membership Options! ** **Get your kids involved !All kids ages 7-15 train are welcome to our Invictus Kids and Invictus Teens class with Coach Angel. These classes will cover the fundamentals of self defense, kickboxing and fitness. These classes are bulit to boost confidence, improve physical fitness, and give them a positive enviornment, free from social pressures. We understand the value of learning self defense early in life, and we want to provide that to your sons and daughters!

*LEAD BY EXAMPLE- *This membership package gives you a huge discount if you decide to train as a family. We believe that kids training with their parents gives them something to bond over. That shared experience is what will build an even stronger relationship between you and your kids! Train as a family and share the community that is Invictus Defense Academy.

NEW YEAR & NEW YOU- This new membership option is only available through January so don't waste time! This membership option gives you unlimited access to all the classes we provide and 1 Personal Training session with one of your instructors PER MONTH! That's right, a one hour personal training is normally an $80 value, but we're giving it to you for only $30 in addition to your monthly dues! Having personalized coaching is what makes or breaks your ability to reach your fitness goals in 2018! Don't miss this phenominal offer!

One year plus a friend- This paid in full membership grants you and one additional person a full year of membership with Invictus Defense Academy. Just pay full price for one person and get 50% off for the second person on the membership!

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