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Invictus Combat Camp

Oct 08, 2018


INVICTUS COMBAT CAMP If you couldn't make it to the National Camp in Vegas, have no fear! We are bringing the Vegas experience to YOU!

Join us for our 2.5 day Invictus Combat Camp with Krav Maga Experts Rebecca O'Connor, Chris Green, Ian Talarico, Catch Wrestling Expert Derek Rivera and Tactical Firearms Expert Joe Goodwin!

You haven't been to a training camp like this before! This NEW Annual Event will be held on November 9th-11th 2018 at Invictus Defense Academy! In this course we will learn more about integrating Muay Thai striking, clinching, sweeping and kicking, Western Boxing footwork, Catch Wrestling grappling and Tactical Firearms Skills and how to integrate them into your Krav Maga!

When we look at the history of Krav Maga, we forget that the first version of Krav Maga was simply boxing with wrestling and some hand to hand tactics to overcome the anti-semitic attacks. Imi, the founder of Krav Maga was the original and one of the very first MMA fighters in the world. Imi literally Mixed-Martial Arts to create the system we know as Krav Maga today! Then it turned into a military system and then a civilian system was born. At Invictus, we want to make sure ALL of our students are well rounded in all of the disciplines listed above! As our friend, Jovan, from Serbia says, "Make good fighters then train them Krav Maga." We agree whole heartedly!

This is YOUR opportunity to train with experts within the system. Pour some fuel on your fire for training! Enjoy the company of students from Krav Maga schools from all over the United States! Its everything you already love about Invictus, but BIGGER AND BETTER!

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