What is a membership at Invictus Defense Academy?

All memberships, unless otherwise specified, are a month to month agreement of $145/ month. The membership gets you Unlimited access to all the classes ** we provide, **FREE access to select semianrs, and a FREE T-Shirt with enrollment.

We understand life can sometimes get in the way and you need to make sacrifices. So all we ask is for 60 days written notice and you can get out of your contract.

Want to add someone to your contract? Each additional person to your contract is only $100! That means at $145 per month, each additional person would pay only $100! If you add more than two people to your contract, you will only pay a flat rate of $345!

Corporate and Public Safety Discounts still apply

All additional persons on a contract must be immediate family members, domestic partnerships or others subject to approval by Invictus Staff.

General Public Month to Month

Public Saftey / Military Month to Month

  • 6 Month Paid in Full
  • 1 Person
  • 1 Year Paid in Full
  • Non-Member Seminar
  • $725 1 MONTH FREE
  • $145
  • $1,450 2 MONTHS FREE
  • $20
  • $580 1 MONTH FREE
  • $116
  • $1160 2 MONTHS FREE
  • $16
  • 6 Month Paid in Full$725
  • 1 Person$145
  • 1 Year Paid in Full$1,450
  • Non-Member Seminar$20
  • 6 Month Paid in Full$580
  • 1 Person$116
  • 1 Year Paid in Full$1160
  • Non-Member Seminar$16

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to Any Scheduled Classes
  • FREEInvictus Defense Academy T-Shirt
  • FREE Admission to Select Invictus Defense Academy Sponsored Seminars

Membership Discounts

Public Saftey Rates

20% Discount

20% off Membership Dues* * Full time/ Reserve/ Retired Law Enforcement * Full time/ Volunteer/ Retired Fire/ EMS * Active/ Reserve/ National Guard US Military * Full Retired Military (proof of retirement required) * Disabled US Veteran (proof of disability required) * Public Safety Dispatchers (WCCCA, BOEC ,LOCOM, etc) * AND IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS! (Spouce, Life Partner, Children, Parents)

Corporate Rates

10% Discount

10% OFF MEMBERSHIP DUESExtended to any business using International Fitness Club Network, Kaiser Permanente and Providence Health Care employees, Teachers (Public/ Private and University) and Students get 10% off their monthly memberships!

Participating Businesses

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