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Steve Silvers

Founder and Chief Instructor - Subculture Jiu Jitsu

Rank: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Originally from the UK, I am a lifelong Martial Artist having practiced intermittently; Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing and Muay Thai respectively.

I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2003 at age 37, with Rickson Gracie in Los Angeles CA.

In 2006, I attended Eddie Bravo's first school - 'The Bomb Squad' and fell in love with Submission Grappling, otherwise known as NoGi Jiu-Jitsu.

I moved to Orange County CA in 2008, training at Jokers Wild Fighting Academy and Reign Training Center, focusing on a hybrid training regimen of both MMA and Submission Grappling.

Upon receiving my Purple Belt from Marcel Louszado of Checkmat in 2010, I decided to dedicate my training time exclusively to Jiu-jitsu and different aspects of Ground-fighting, such as Russian Sambo and Wrestling. (Basically, I didn’t like getting punched in the face anymore!)

2012 presented some challenges as Marcel decided to resign his position as head instructor at Reign. Consequently, I started looking for another school.

I mainly trained with my old friends Ron Turner and Casey Halstead at SubTec Jiu-jitsu prior to them opening Five 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu school’s, and I started training and teaching at my current Instructor’s academy, a Checkmat affiliate school; Fight Strong BJJ in San Clemente CA, owned by my Instructor Adam Watts.

It was under the tutelage of Adam Watts that my Jiu-jitsu game really started to take shape and I began to synthesize the different styles of grappling I had been studying over the years, as well as adding new techniques I was learning. I also started to teach classes consistently at Fight Strong, which furthered deeper study into Jiu-jitsu-jitsu, which in turn led to representing Adam in the World Championships at the end of 2013 ’til the present.

I feel that Adam has had the most influence on my Jiu-jitsu, not only in promoting me to Brown Belt in 2013, and then Black Belt in 2016, but in encouraging me to to test myself at the highest levels of Competition.

Around this time I became friends with Garry Tonon which then led to studying and training with John Danaher and the rest of the ‘Death Squad,’ focusing initially on Leg-locks, which until that time had been missing from my skill set.

I have been practicing Jiu-jitsu for 16 years and love it! My focus has now turned to more of a coaching role which I feel to be more age-appropriate, and staying on the tatami longer.

My perspective as a 53 year old black belt, is somewhat unorthodox, having started Jiu-Jitsu at 37. I believe it gives me much insight into the challenges and benefits of consistency over intensity within the training environment. I provide a safe environment for all to explore risk-taking and positive mindset as it relates to the art of jiu-jitsu. (And maybe, life)


2003: Rickson Gracie; Rickson Gracie Association. Blue Belt

2006: Eddie Bravo; The Bomb Squad.

       Mike ‘Joker’ Guymon; Jokers Wild Fighting Academy.

2010: Marcel Louszado; Checkmat/Reign Training Center. Purple Belt

2013: Adam Watts; Fight Strong BJJ/Checkmat. Brown Belt.

      Garry Tonon/John Danaher

2016: Adam Watts; Fight Strong BJJ/Checkmat. Black Belt.

Competition Results:

2013: (Purple Belt)

Gold: IBJJF No-gi World Championships.

Gold: NABJJF No-gi World Championships.

Competitor: Dream Submission Only 16-man tournament.

2014: (Brown Belt)

Gold: NABJJF No-gi All Americas.

Gold: NABJJF No-gi American Nationals.

Silver: Five Grappling California 2 No-gi Championship.

Gold: NABJJF No-gi World Championship.


Gold: NABJJF No-gi LA Open

Silver: IBJJF No-gi World Championship.


Gold: NABJJF No-gi LA Open.

2017: (Black Belt)

Silver: NABJJF No-gi World Championship.

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