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Debra Criss

Women's Coach

1) Where you are from and what you do

I'm originally from California, but I call the PNW home. I've worked in the outdoor and active apparel industry for 16 years; designing, leading teams and mentoring.

*2) What is your martial arts experience and aspirations? *

I've been training kickboxing for about 6 years, and Krav Maga for about 5 years. Learning to fight and defend myself seemed an impossible task when I began, but it changed my life in every way imaginable. That change led me to become a volunteer instructor for the Portland Police Bureau's Women Strength program, where I developed a passion for helping women find their strength through fighting. In addition to physical training, I've also trained in trauma informed care and conflict communication. I also have a passion for fighting human trafficking, and am working towards blending all of these things to serve those who cannot serve themselves.

3) What is your training philosophy?

Be uncomfortable and allow yourself to fail. Discomfort is the only way to grow, failing is the only way to learn. And...put your shoes on before you can talk yourself out of it!

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